The Monitoring Stations

A: Brislington Depot Monitoring Station

B: Create Centre Roof Monitoring Station

C: Fishponds Monitoring Station

D: Parson Street School Monitoring Station

E: Wells Road Monitoring Station


Bristol has an established programme of continuous air quality monitoring dating back to 1994. Bristol City Council has declared an Air Quality Management Area and has published an Air Quality Action Plan, available at

We are currently working on implementing elements of the Air Quality Action Plan to help improve air quality for all the people of Bristol.

This website is an online resource of near real-time air quality data and meteorological data, not only for Bristol residents but also for students and medical health professionals.

The site can provide email alerts to pollution levels monitored by our network. For alerts or information from Defra, which include pollutants such as PM10 not monitored by Bristol City Council, please access the Defra web site:

Current alerts:


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Air Pollution in Bristol for Sat 17 Nov 2018:


The overall air pollution in Bristol: value 1 out of 10 (1 = lowest, 10 = highest)D |