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Is Bristol affected by pollution from industry ?

Pollution from industry does not generally affect the majority of people living in Bristol. This is due to a combination of factors:

Location of Industry

Most industrial plants are located away from where people live. In Bristol, the main industrial area is Avonmouth \ Severnside. Although Avonmouth village is a residential area, most of the industrial facilities are located further north on Severnside. Pollution emitted from plant here is therefore dispersed and diluted by the time it reaches the places where people live.

Chimney Heights

The major industrial processes emit pollution from tall stacks or chimneys. This carries pollution away from residential areas and allows the natural processes of dispersion to dilute the emissions to an acceptable level.

Process Changes

The larger industrial plants are regulated by the Environment Agency. The EA ensures that emissions are kept to within safe limits and requires reporting of emissions. This often leads to process changes which have the effect of reducing emissions.

Economic Forces

There has been a reduction in manufactiring industry in the UK in recent years. This has led to a reduction in polluting processes. The Britannia Zinc plant in Avonmouth closed in 2003, leading to a reduction in the ambient concentrations of toxic pollutants including lead and sulphur dioxide.


Occasionally, weather conditions may bring plumes of pollution down to the ground, affecting residential areas for a short time.

Generally, road traffic is far more dominant as a source of pollution than industry in Bristol.

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