Air Pollution in Bristol for Wed 22 Jan 2020:


The overall air pollution in Bristol: value 1 out of 10 (1 = lowest, 10 = highest)D |


The Air Quality Regulations 2000 as ammended by the The Air Quality (Amendment) Regulations 2002 lay down the targets and objects to be met by the specified date for each of the designated pollutants within the UK National Air Quality Strategy. Our air quality monitoring program has been established to assess complaince with the requirements of these regulations.

The regulations require that an assessment be made for each of the 7 key pollutants listed in the UK National Air Quality Strategy. The focus now is on nitrogen dioxide as all the other pollutants have been shown to be present at concentrations below the government's objectives. The key pollutants listed within this section have all been assessesed against the relevant integration period. Please note that several pollutants are allowed a specified number of exceedences of the regulations before it can be classed as a failure of the regulations. These exceedence pages should be read alongside the table in our FAQ section entitled  "What are the key air quality pollutants" . Details of the specified number of permitted exceedences are given within this table as well as the relevant compliance dates.

The data supplied are non-validated and for information only.

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